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Reasons Why Kids Are Crying

Have you ever seen crying kid in the store and wondered what is going on? Have you ever seen a kid kicking toys all around the store and hysterically crying? There are a ton of reasons why our kids do this and today we did a little research and got back to you with a lot of reasons that will make your kids hysterical. In this occasions you need to be the extra reasonable parent and try to stay calm… Check them out :)

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Brothers For Sale

Getting new baby is a bit of challenge when you already have one kid. With all works you have with little baby, you need to pay extra attention and care you your older kid so they do not file neglected. Even when you do everything right, there will still be a bit of jealousy feelings with your older child because everyone is so excited about new baby. In the following fallery you will see older sisters and brother that are not satisfied with their new family member so they will try to sell it for fun :)

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Parenting During the Halloween

Halloween is a time in year when we need to struggle to show how great parents we are. If the kids have their own idea how perfect Halloween costume should look just go with it. Here’s a picture that illustrate what i am talking about and the  dad who went with the great shark attack Halloween costume few days ago. Check it out:

Trick or Treat?

Even Halloween is known as festival of the dead the kids enjoy having fun with Halloween activities. Starting from the costume parties, the pumpkin carvings, pranks, horror movies up to kids favorite Trick or treat. Trick or treating is popular because kids have chance to dress up the same way their heroes do and walk from door to door collecting candies from their neighborhoods. The trick or treating has become tradition from the end of World War II and since then it has get enormous popularity among children’s and adults as well.

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Twins Humor

Having twins can be extremely tough period because you need to take double care. Also having twins is double joy with them. This joke reminds me at one with copy/paste which is also funny. If you have twins and you own funny photos like this, send it to us and we will make large collection to show motherhood can be both care and joy with your kids. You can check and buy one of similar funny twins t-shirts here on amazon.

The Chalkboard Adventures of a Newborn Baby

Photographer Anna Eftimie and her husband are the duo behind Cute Moments Photography, an award-winning baby photography studio based out of San Jose, California. In a series entitled Blackboard Adventures, Anna imagines what a newborn child may be dreaming of as they lay asleep. She illustrates their dreams on a chalkboard located directly underneath the sleeping beauties.

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Baby Ace Ventura

Check out the hilarious baby Ace Ventura Costume. This one can win the the look-a-like contest and it is hilariously cute. I know kids costumes are most popular during the Halloween holidays, but i cannot resist to post this one as one of the cutest baby costumes i ever seen. Both dress and hair style are perfect match, even the face expression reminds of full Jim Carrey in the Ace Ventura movie.

The Cute Rebel Kids

The kids are natural born badasses. They are born to be rebels. They are born to be wild! The one of the best parts of motherhood is getting your kids funny clothes and outfits! You can chance to make any character you want of them. Here are some nice costumed, but also a few rebel kids that enjoy their childhood  (even a bit more than normal)…

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The Worlds Youngest Wildlife Ranger

With just three years, the little Australian kid Charlie Parker is world’s youngest wildlife ranger. In today’s gallery he swims, wrestling and playing with alligator named Gump. The Charlie is already expert for reptiles and he easily manage to handle 2,5m boa snake. While most parents keep their children’s away from dangerous animals during the parenting, the today’s youngster has been raised to play with reptiles. Charlie father, who is also the Victoria park owner has been proud of his sons skills with animals.

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Safe Kids Worldwide Message on TV Tipping Deaths

On the news, it is heard of the deaths and injuries occurring due to automobile accidents, shootings, and even from drug and alcohol abuse. Unfortunately, this topic is not talked as much as it should. It is concerning the injuries and deaths due to television falls. According to Safe Kids Worldwide, an organization that gives parents and caregivers information on protecting children, and SANUS, One Child Dies Every Three Weeks from a TV Tipping Over. Not only that, but approximately 13,000 more children have been injured in America this year alone. There has been a drastic increase, with 31% more TV tipping-related injuries in the last decade. The reports do not end there.

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Fathers Lesson

We all know how much father lessons are important when we are kids.  On the today’s picture you can see the Little Mouse McCoy with his dad on the Indian Dunes in 1970’s.

Don’t forget that parenting is the most important lesson from the first day of your kids life…

Parents Build AT-AT Bed for Their Kids

The Dutilly Family invested a lot of money and efforts in order to build the AT-AT bed for their children’s. Now the kids have the real replica from the Star Wars with a secret compartment for Jedi equipment and shelves for toys. They need around 6 weeks to build and install the At-At bed but it was totally worth it!

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