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Kristin Chenoweth Reveals Her Journey with Asthma

Actress and singer Kristin Chenoweth shares her history with asthma for an asthma awareness campaign. The Asthma and Allergy Foundation of America (AAFA) and Teva Respiratory announced today the launch of a national awareness campaign – Know Your Count – focused on increasing awareness of asthma and teaching asthma patients and caregivers about the importance of keeping track of the remaining doses in their rescue inhalers. “I have struggled with asthma for more than a decade and am excited to be part of the Know Your Count campaign” said Kristin Chenoweth, Know Your Count spokesperson.

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Brothers For Sale

Getting new baby is a bit of challenge when you already have one kid. With all works you have with little baby, you need to pay extra attention and care you your older kid so they do not file neglected. Even when you do everything right, there will still be a bit of jealousy feelings with your older child because everyone is so excited about new baby. In the following fallery you will see older sisters and brother that are not satisfied with their new family member so they will try to sell it for fun :)

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Top 10 Reasons To Cook With Childrens

Cooking Mom

Is the dinner ready? It would be great to ask your children that? Fathers and mothers need to make meals with children from an earlier age. Food preparation is a good method to connect with your children whilst educating them life knowledge. It’s a method to educate important lessons whilst you get tasks carried out. […]

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Feed Your Kids a Healthy Lunch with Yoplait Go-GURT


Yoplait introduces a new and improve yogurt product. Yoplait Go-GURT yogurt has the same fantastic taste that even as parents would love without needing high-fructose corn syrup to sweeten it. Go-gurt contains calcium and vitamin D for building strong bones and helping meet the recommended levels of these nutrients. This lunchbox addition would make a boring […]

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Parenting During the Halloween


Halloween is a time in year when we need to struggle to show how great parents we are. If the kids have their own idea how perfect Halloween costume should look just go with it. Here’s a picture that illustrate what i am talking about and the  dad who went with the great shark attack […]

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Trick or Treat?

haloven 5

Even Halloween is known as festival of the dead the kids enjoy having fun with Halloween activities. Starting from the costume parties, the pumpkin carvings, pranks, horror movies up to kids favorite Trick or treat. Trick or treating is popular because kids have chance to dress up the same way their heroes do and walk […]

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